A soft, round, and red fruit. That’s eaten as a raw and cooked vegetable that are difference in color, flavor, size, and shape. They are often red although, found in orange, pink, and green color. Store temperature for tomato is among 10+ to 14+.


Remain lettuce is one of the fastest growing that grows in long, and has crisp head of leaves with firm flesh in their center. It has a great taste and is commonly used in salad. It is tolerant of heat, but after harvest hasn’t long life. Appropriate temperature for keeping is among 0 to +2 C°.


Cucumber is a long vegetable with dark green skin and crisp flesh, divided into two groups: shiny and thorny surface which often used in salad or making pickles. This vegetable is sensible in cold weather, so it should cultivate in dry areas.


Turnip is a round, light- colored root of a plant with shiny skin that is eaten as a vegetable. The best temperature for keeping that is among +1 to +2 C°.


Onion is one of the most important and famous vegetable around the world with various types. It is a round vegetable with brown, red or white skin and many layers that has a strong taste and smell. Onion sprouts in cool season which in +0 to +1 temperature has the best growth.


A plant that is related to onion and has small sections called clove with a pointed stem which have a strong taste, smell and is used for flavoring food as a spice. In chilly regions, Garlic is planted at the end of the winter and harvest time is at Augusts first. The best temperature for garlic is among +1 to +2 C°.


It’s a plant from spinach family. Beet is a garden plant with a rounded red root and thick leaves. Root of beet has sweet flavor that consumed raw and usually baked which known as “Labo” in Iran. It’s kept among +1 to +2 temperature.


A kind of vegetable with a long firm stems, pale green color which often eaten raw or cooked. When buying celery choose one that seems stiff, brittle, and easily broken its leaves. 0 to +2 is a good temperature for keeping that.


It’s known as a stew zucchini in the market and it’s ripen fast. It is a dark green vegetable that is long nearly 20-25cm, smooth and has soft skin with firm flesh and also called Courgette. Store temperature for vernal kind is +0 to +4 and autumnal kind is +9 to +12C°.


It is a large vegetable with thick green or purple leaves that has several forms and grows in round shape. Cabbages with shiny leaves without any scratch can show the quality. It grows in cold weather with high moisture and tolerant in frosty. Best temperature of store is among +1 to +3.


It’s originally from Iran and is cultivated all around the world. It has a large dark green leaves that 0.5m high and are eaten as a vegetable. There are two kinds of spinach: Vernal which known as an English kind, and autumnal that needs more rich soil. Suitable temperature is among 0 to +1C°.

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